Britain In A Day

Students from East Coast Media had a chance to be involved with the BBC Britain In A Day project recently.

The project’s aim was to capture people’s lives in one day – November 12th 2011 – and for them to post their films to the BBC where they are being collated into a documentary and archived. Film Director Ridley Scott and director Morgan Matthews invited everyone in the UK to submit a reflection of their lives on that day.

Our degree students were invited to look at 10 films each and check them for compliance against the BBC guidelines. The films were checked for language, copyright issues regarding music, branding, advertising to ensure they were suitable for inclusion and broadcast. From there they then had to decide which films would be archived and which would join the playlist and then this was whittled down to 10.

It was a difficult choice – there were some excellent films and sadly not all of them made it to our final 10. The students analysed the films and there were deep discussion taking place. Most films were chosen because it’s felt they truly reflected live in 21st century Britain from people washing their clothes to taking a shower to deciding what outfits to wear. Others included tours of where they lived or snapshots of home or family life.

It was riveting to sit and take a peek into their lives knowing they were all shot on the same day. It truly is a big undertaking but what a great project to have been involved in. Sadly I never got chance to make a film to submit on that day. Look out for the documentary Britain In A Day and visit the YouTube archive.

Use #Britaininaday hashtag and follow them on Twitter @Britaininaday

East Coast Media students looking at Britain In A Day