BA Multi-Platform Journalism

BA Multi-Platform Journalism

If you want to be a Multi-Platform Journalist and work in this digital age then the BA Multi-Platform Journalism degree at the University Centre Grimsby is perfect for you.

Accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC), and seen as one of the best in the UK, the programme teaches you how to master the many skills that journalists need today – writing and interviewing for different platforms; shooting and editing video for TV and online; recording audio for radio and podcasts; presentation and voiceover skills as well as how to use social media as a source and promotional tool. 

Students embrace not only how to use traditional methods of audio and video capture but also how to use iPods, iPhones and smart devices to create content.


News podcasts

The Year 2 Multi-Platform students are currently producing podcasts as part of their newsroom experience. The podcasts are a round-up of the Grimsby Telegraph’s stories for the week. It is intended the first will be aired in the morning and then updated for the afternoon.

The first podcast was produced by Rebecca Fletcher and was uploaded to my audioboo site last week. You can hear it here. Taking it in turns, each week they will source the content and make decisions on running orders and then write the copy, before recording and uploading.

Of course none of them like to hear their own voices! But voicework is something they have been practising. Keep checking out the lingarde audioboo site for more news round-ups and visit Thisisgrimsby for more stories.

Also if you visit my audioboo site, please subscribe and become a follower and even better, you can download the podcasts via itunes.

Students working in the newsroom of the Grimsby Telegraph