BJTC Accreditation

The course has been declared one of the best in the UK offering multi-platform journalism according to the Broadcast Journalism Training Council.

The BJTC panel visited us a fortnight ago and were bowled over by the facilities and the work the students were producing on the day.

Year 1 worked alongside Year 3 on a multi-platform news day. There were students producing a radio programme, which went out on livestream (GIFHE Radio). It included bulletins and packages as well as guests dropping by. The TV group were producing 60 second bulletins and then the online group were writing content for the web.

Alongside these were the social media group following each production area and tweeting and podcasting about the news content as well as about the crews.

It was an extremely stressful day. Some students seemed to be like ducks in water and were natural, while others seemed to flounder a bit. The realisation that this is their future career seemed a big factor. Newsrooms work like clockwork when people all pull together and do their bit to contribute. It’s about a work ethic and thinking on your feet. There is no time to sit around in the newsroom watching YouTube or being on Facebook for fun. One cog stopping working has a knock-on effect for the entire team.

It was great to see them work and work hard and let’s hope they go onwards and upwards. The more they practice this, the better they become.

It was a great achievement for all involved!

Students producing the radio programme


Live Assessment Day

Live Assessment Days are going well. The students are incredibly nervous at being observed, but agree it’s the best way to do it. They are being assessed on not only their professionalism in doing the job, but also how they work as a team and the content they produce.

On arriving in the newsroom, Lucy Wood, news editor, gives them their jobs or in some cases, students have generated their own ideas. I watch and make notes on every aspect. For those who have done NVQ, whereby the assessor observes and questions you, it’s the same process. And it works really well, even on a degree.

It’s the only way to really say the students can do the job, by first hand observation and questioning. To back it up they also produce a portfolio of their work from the year and write an evaluation to critically assess themselves and their colleagues. I know they are capable and this proves it to me and once it’s done, that’s it.

Grimsby Telegraph work experience update

Year 2 students on the BA Multi-Platform Journalism degree  based at East Coast Media, Grimsby Institute have been working in the newsroom of the Grimsby Telegraph since September. As part of the Multi-Platform Newsroom module, which runs for the year, the 7 students have been going into the Telegraph for one day a week.

They each have a patch to cover and also work on diary stories. This semester they will be producing online content – video and podcasts as well as written copy.I oversee them in the newsroom and they get on the job training, alongside sound advice and support from the editorial team.

This year the students have covered a variety of events from dance to Comic Relief and will be covering local events celebrating the Royal Wedding on April 29th (s0 no day off for them!).

Niall McGlone likes the hands-on experience and is especially enjoying the day at the local newspaper, the Grimsby Telegraph.

The BA Multi-Platform Journalism degree was written in light of the National Council for the Training of Journalists report about what industry expected from graduates. East Coast Media has always worked closely with industry. Most of our graduates populate the BBC Hull newsroom as well as Sky and other regionals.

This is exciting for the students as it gives them practical, hands on experience. There are only a few multi-platform degrees out there and we are probably the only one offering this unique experience. Plus we also own a TV station, Seven, broadcasting on VirginMedia 879. Students also work on TV programmes for broadcast here. This is just phenomenal for any undergraduate and puts them leaps ahead.

ECM is also a Skillset Media Academy – one of only four in the north of England.

Year 2 BA Multi-Platform Journalism students, Becky, Sam, Tamsin, Richard. Niall and Kirsty