Social Media

I’m currently exploring  some new apps for journalists to use on the iphone4. I’m a being fan of using my phone in the role of a journalist. It’s great for taking photos, shooting video and recording podcasts.

For podcasts I use audioboo as it’s so simply and easy to use. Recording time is limited, though you can upgrade, but I find it is sufficient. I’ve also experimented with iProRecorder, which was good and easy to use and allows longer recording time.

I use the iphone4 to film in HD and use ReelDirector to edit. While it is simplistic and I don’t find it easy to trim shots down, it is straightforward to use. I’m also looking into Vericorder’s range of apps at the moment for video and audio editing and also at an app called Luci Live, which allows you to live broadcast and link into the studio. Perfect for when  you don’t have an ISDN line. However at a hefty £300 I don’t think I’ll be rushing to buy this one!

Of course everything I produce is all interconnected and instantly lists things on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I’ll feed back some more as I experiment further with these apps and if you use or know of any other apps suitable for journalists to use then please share.

#LincUpLive 360 is here next week, so watch/listen/read for more


Linc Up Live (LUL360)

Social media put Lincoln on the map last Friday and the third year MPJ students were right at the heart of it.

Linc Up Live was a conference all about social media featuring some of the top people across the UK and the world. It was organised by social media advocates Glenn LeSanto, Celia Lacey, Andy Clayton and Tim Downing.

It was a great event featuring Social Media lecturer and consultant Joanne Jacobs (she was an angry bird), who talked about the art of linking. The event was kicked off by Mazi Nadjm, head of Ogilvy UK.

One of the keynote speakers I was particularly interested in hearing from was Kate Day, Social Media and Engagament Editor of the Daily Telegraph. Kate talked about how newsrooms were using social media to engage and interact with their audiences.

She talked about how the DT had used social media and the Blackberry to find out more about the riots and what it added to the story. It was an insight into how newsrooms are changing.

The third years were tweeting from the various workshops and also managed to grab some podcasts too. They found the experience invaluable and were fired up. Thank you to Becky Fletcher, Tamsin Wong, Kirsty Carter and Sam Dent for taking up the opportunity, which I’m sure will be the first of many.

I’ll post some links to the work they produced. You can check out photographer Paul Clarke’s images from the day.

The next Linc Up Live event is Feb 17th 2012 – a date for your diary. It was well worth going to. NB. This date may now change due to it being half term. I’ll keep you posted.