More bloggers of note

I like reading other people’s blogs and I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites.

Lee Smallwood is a man who some of you may have read about in my blog after he visited East Coast Media. Lee’s blog Digital Flares concerns everything connected with social media, technology and marketing. I like to catch up on what he has to say as he is a man who is very knowledgeable.

Another of the same ilk is Glenn Le Santo whose blog talks a lot about social media. Glenn is a live event tweeter, journalist and social media content provider.

Adam Westbrook is a journalist and writes a regular blog on all things connected to journalism, ways of working as a journalist and film making. Connection to this area of the UK is that he used to work for Viking FM. He is now a lecturer at Kingston University.

I do encourage you to read them and take delight in what they have to say!!


Prospective students – tips on how to do well at interview

It’s that time of year again when I’m getting applications via UCAS for the BA Multi-Platform Journalism course. I read through each one carefully and check how many points the applicant says they hope to achieve. Everyone is invited in for interview as I do believe in meeting people and finding out more about them, than just reading a piece of paper. I also think it’s good for them to meet staff and see the place and explore it.

I wrote  a blog last year on this, giving some tips for when invited to interview. It’s surprising how many students don’t get an interview but are just offered conditional without being seen, which brings me to another blog I wrote on test drives. If you can go visit the institution and get a feel for it. If taster sessions are offered, take them up and if you get offered media work experience take it! And then there’s the question of UCAS points – another blog where I commented on the points offered on my course and the reason behind it. It currently stands at 180, but from Sept 2011 will move to 240.

The reason being I need to attract students who can write and speak English to a high standard; are well-read and can communicate their thoughts and opinions; plus here at ECM, we are unique in offering a chance to work at the Grimsby Telegraph one day a week and we have access to Seven, the local television station broadcasting on VirginMedia 879 (I’ll write a blog about that soon). Plus a large proportion of our journalism graduates work at the BBC, Sky as well as in other media outlets. Oh and we are a Skillset Media Academy! So because it’s Grimsby and you may think it’s the end of the universe – it isn’t. It’s actually very nice here and cost of living is cheap compared to elsewhere. If you have a car you can travel to Hull or Lincoln for a night out, if you don’t fancy Grimsby or Cleethorpes.

So if you want to know more about the BA (Hons) Multi-Platform Journalism course then call 01472 315550 or contact me through this blog or on Twitter @eastcoastmedia and of course to learn more about me and my ability see my youtube channel or visit my podcasts. I think you’ll find I practice what I preach and the last word can go to one of our recent industry speakers, Lee Smallwood, read what he had to say about East Coast Media in his blog.

Making those connections- Lee Smallwood

I have to share this link with you – – read this post by Digital Consultant Lee Smallwood. I met Lee through my sister on Twitter and after numerous tweets and conversations about social media, Radian6 and other things, we managed to get him to come to East Coast Media to do, not one but two presentations!

Lee knows all things “geeky” – how the web works, how to market your brand and how to use social media effectively. He wowed the students in the afternoon. I have never seen 80 students hooked on to every word. They were shocked to learn how businesses keep their eye on you and know how to tap into your likes.

In the evening he still managed to wow the media and arts creatives of northern Lincolnshire. He demonstrated radion6 to them, and on a cheaper, smaller scale net vibes and klout. We not only had him live in the building, but also did a live stream across the web and were tweeting as we went along and answering questions from around the UK. It was a successful day and everyone’s head buzzed and they’re still chattering about it today. It’s that ripple effect, that is turning into a wave!

From a journalism viewpoint, it has opened the doors to how students, will hopefully, use the web differently. They’ll use monitoring tools to track stories and trends; find people, network and sell themselves as a brand. Those who do that, will see themselves being snapped up by employers. These future journos will become we-influencers (to borrow a phrase from Lee). My journalism students from 17/18 year-olds upwards have caught the Twitter bug and long may they tweet!!

Here’s a podcast of an interview with Lee Smallwood

For more information about BA Multi-Platform Journalism please contact 01472 315550. We are now recruiting for Sept 2011

Industry Week – East Coast Media

Before Christmas planning began for East Coast Media’s industry week, which takes place every year at the end of January. The talks feature people from a range of subjects who come in and talk about their career and their job.

This year the event is bigger and better. It starts on Monday January 24th and the key speaker on that day is John Hare who will be talking about concepts to consoles. John is a computer games designer, as well as a game artist and musician. He was one of the founder members of Sensible Software and co-designer and artist on Parallax, SEUCK and Wizkid. He is also a voting member of BAFTA and works for them as a juror and mentor.

Also on that day there will be a talk from Julie Woolley on graduate teaching training opportunities. Julie has worked in education since 1974 and has been an OfSted inspector as well as working as a headteacher.

On Tuesday, the highlight will be digital marketeer, Lee Smallwood, who will deliver two talks. One to the students on how to use social media to develop their career prospects and in the evening for business and industry as part of Creative Humber. The evening talk will be on creating visibility for their brand using social media.

Lee has worked on projects and campaigns ranging from large scale SEO projects to using social media platforms for product launches. Clients include Vodafone, Sarah Beeny, Orange, Huggies and Hitachi.

Other talks include BBC multi-media journalist Tarah Welsh, who has recently taken on the job in Grimsby covering the region for BBC Look North and Radio Humberside. Before coming to the area, she worked for BBC East Midlands.

Steve Lycett from Sumo Digital will give a talk about routes into the games industry.He is currently Development Producer but also acts as a designer.

This is just a taste of what to expect. Monday to Friday will see different guest speakers from all areas of the creative media industry talking to East Coast Media students.

For further information on industry week call 01472 315550. Look out for interviews with some of the speakers posted here.