New Semester

I know summer is over as a new semester and academic year is about to start. Autumn is on its way and winter too. But never mind it’s exciting.

Second years have progressed into their final year – how quick that’s flown and we have a new group about to start. They’ll come in all fresh and eager to learn. The group keeps growing too as I’ve been fielding clearing enquiries this morning, so if anyone wants a place there’s a few remaining!

Year 3 group next week will be appearing at the Linc Up Live event organised by Glenn Le Santo and Celia Lacey and their partnership. The students will be involved with live blogging.

Then the newbies will be reviewing a play at the Caxton Theatre  in Grimsby in October and hopefully will have more of a similar ilk. Then there’s all the local TV work to do including daily news bulletins that all year groups will be involved with. This is part of Seven’s bid for the Yorkshire and Humber region for Jeremy Hunt’s national TV schedule.

And then come June/July it’s the Lincolnshire Show and Waddington Airshow for TV, podcasts, social media and then I know it’s the summer and there’s a break before it all starts again!


More bloggers of note

I like reading other people’s blogs and I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites.

Lee Smallwood is a man who some of you may have read about in my blog after he visited East Coast Media. Lee’s blog Digital Flares concerns everything connected with social media, technology and marketing. I like to catch up on what he has to say as he is a man who is very knowledgeable.

Another of the same ilk is Glenn Le Santo whose blog talks a lot about social media. Glenn is a live event tweeter, journalist and social media content provider.

Adam Westbrook is a journalist and writes a regular blog on all things connected to journalism, ways of working as a journalist and film making. Connection to this area of the UK is that he used to work for Viking FM. He is now a lecturer at Kingston University.

I do encourage you to read them and take delight in what they have to say!!

Social Media

Is Social Media a fad? This was a question posed to a room of people last week at the Lincolnshire Events Centre by Glenn Le Santo, journalist and social media guru.

The answer, quite simply, is no. Social Media is here to stay and people do need to learn how to use it and effectively to get messages across. It’s a great tool for networking and it’s knowing how to use the various social media platforms. There’s Facebook, Twitter – possibly the two common ones that many are familiar with. Then there are blogging sites – wordpress (as used here) and posterous. It’s how you use them and whether you use them effectively. And of course there’s the professional business tool, LinkedIn – where people in business connect with each other and use it to do business.

Social Media is a way of engaging with people and building up a network and sharing information. No matter what platform you use. They are all ways of posting and reaching a wider audience. This blog will ping to Twitter and Facebook and hopefully people will retweet and spread the message it conveys. Through them you also are able to share links to interesting articles or blogs.

Once you know how to use this type of communication are doing it to see returns, then you’re on a roll. The people in the room were a mixed bag. Some were using Twitter and had been for years, while others were new to it and some had not even touched it. Glenn knows what he is doing and at the end everyone came away having learnt something and were able to go forward and tweet!

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For more information on Glenn visit his website