BA Multi-Platform Journalism

BA Multi-Platform Journalism

If you want to be a Multi-Platform Journalist and work in this digital age then the BA Multi-Platform Journalism degree at the University Centre Grimsby is perfect for you.

Accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC), and seen as one of the best in the UK, the programme teaches you how to master the many skills that journalists need today Рwriting and interviewing for different platforms; shooting and editing video for TV and online; recording audio for radio and podcasts; presentation and voiceover skills as well as how to use social media as a source and promotional tool. 

Students embrace not only how to use traditional methods of audio and video capture but also how to use iPods, iPhones and smart devices to create content.


YouTube Channel

Check out my YouTube channel if you get chance on here you will find work I have produced over the years for the Grimsby Telegraph and Seven, broadcast on VirginMedia 879.

You will also find material I have shot on my iPhone as when I’m out and something catches my eye I will capture it. You’ll also find on there other films, which I have not shot. They belong to my son who likes to experiment and make his own films!

I also encourage all my students to set up their own channel as it is a great way of collating and showcasing your work, especially when you can link it to your blog and your social media accounts.

E Lingard – self promotion!

Just a reminder you can see some of the work I have produced as a journalist on
Some of the work has been produced as a video journalist, others from working with crews. You can allow follow me on Twitter @rosereiki and find me on LinkedIn