Industry interviews

Well we’ve been conducting further interviews today. First year Nat Dip Print and Publishing students, Ben and Necia, interviewed Andrew Walkington from the British Youth Film Academy Andrew Walkington and Steve Lycett, from Sumo Digital Steve Lycett interview – his company are responsible for Sonic and the racing games


Industry Interviews – John Hare & Dave Jones

Throughout the week I have been interviewing some of the many people who have come to meet the students and I thought I’d share those links with you.

Monday – Interviewed John Hare, consultant games designer with Tower Studios in London. Has worked in different roles with different companies and was lead designer of Sensible Soccer, amongst others.

I also interviewed Dave Jones, freelance camera operator for Reuters, who started out life 12 years ago as a professional footballer.

You can hear their interviews here on: Audioboo podcasts


The stress of deadlines is showing in the students’ faces. Second years have a deadline looming and they’re feeling pressured and on top of that they have their deadlines for the newspaper too.

It’s tough, but it’s also life and the way of dealing with it is to be organised and be a good time manager.

Deadlines for assessments are known about from week one, so it’s important to produce a schedule with deadline dates highlighted. It’s also good to set yourself some interim deadlines.

Students being students, will, however always leave it last minute and that’s when problems occur. Printers break down, ink and paper disappear. Nerves get frayed and tempers flare!!

E Lingard – self promotion!

Just a reminder you can see some of the work I have produced as a journalist on
Some of the work has been produced as a video journalist, others from working with crews. You can allow follow me on Twitter @rosereiki and find me on LinkedIn

How to Tell a Journalist from a Blogger (via )

Fantastic blog I came across via Twitter this morning – how to tell a Journalist from a Blogger. For those of you who are journalists, I found this very truthful indeed. I am indeed one of those sad people who gets excited about facts and can some very useless information contained in my brain. I also am very passionate about journalism and simply can’t enough of the newsroom fix!!
Read it and enjoy!

A couple days ago, I was forced to make the distinction between journalists and bloggers in a long-winded defense of "the Fourth Estate." I only touched on this subject briefly: I have to apologize on behalf of my entire profession for how you have been treated by a few bloggers, whom I’ll have the tact to not name here. There are bloggers who know and care nothing about real journalism, who see t … Read More


Getting through clearing

It’s that time of year when many youngsters will be awaiting their grades. Will it be enough to get them on to the course of their choice? If not, what will happen and what can they can do about it?

If you haven’t achieved the grades to match the UCAS points for the course, there are various options you can take, so don’t feel it’s the end of the world (I know easy enough for me to say!).

UCAS clearing ( is where you need to go. For those unable to get on their first choice, then clearing offers places on courses who have vacancies.

According to the news release (see link above) there are around 35,000 people every year who go through this system. There is hope for those. Getting on your first choice is competitive, but if it doesn’t happen, know you still have a chance of getting a place.

So once you get to clearing you’ll need to know make a decision about what course you’d like to apply for and where in the country you want to go. If it’s journalism then look no further than East Coast Media. Based at the Grimsby Institute, we are one of 22 Skillset Media Academies in the UK. This is a badge of excellence.

From September 2010 the BA (Hons) Multi-Platform Journalism degree will run. This is exciting, as there are very few programmes in the UK offering this. It has been written with assistance from industry to deliver graduates with the right skills and training.

The world of journalism has changed. Journalists are now expected to take photos, shoot and edit video, create audio packages – not only for traditional platforms but for online. This is bi-media, tri-media, whatever you want to label it and if you want to get a break into journalism, then you need to embrace this now.

At East Coast Media you will get the skills and knowledge to develop. There’ll be opportunities for work placements within the broadcast and newspaper industry. You’ll work alongside industry professionals and create real work for publication/broadcast as opposed to simulations. You’ll be encouraged to be creative and have ideas for 360 degree platforms. Recent students have worked on pilot television programmes with East Coast Pictures, an independent production company led by Julia Thompson,  former Director of Sony Entertainment UK. Those students also had to produce content for online and act as researchers, reporters, etc. It gave them real experience of working on a TV programme.

Tutors on the course are all industry practitioners, so you’re in good hands there and the course has excellent work placement relations with some big companies. You can expect your tutor to get to know you personally, rather than being a face among hundreds. This means that you do get one to one assistance and probably feel more valued.

So if it’s a career in journalism you wish to pursue and you’re passionate about it and motivated to do what you can to go far, then come to East Coast Media.

We will want to talk to you to find out why you want to the course and find out if you have the passion and motivation needed. Remember, ask us questions too. We will interview you and you’ll also have to sit an assessment test on the day and there is a written task to do as well. This thorough application process is to ensure you’re suited for the programme – we don’t just give places out to anyone. We need to know that you are right for the course, as much as we’re right for you. It’s all about quality on both parts.

If you know someone who is in this position and wants to do journalism then tell them about this blog. Follow @eastcoastmedia on Twitter. Maybe we’ll see you soon!


Well I have finally purchased an iphone and am now working it out. This blog will be probably short as the downside to on a small keypad is finger ache! However, so far I am impressed by the iPhone 4. The more I use it the better I get. The multi app tool is great and the camera is great. Have not tried the video yet, but pic quality is impressive. Will try it out later. I can not compare it to previous models as this is my first. Apple have done it again and hope to use the phone to its full potential. Will report back later. So far it has the thumbs up.