Social Media

Is Social Media a fad? This was a question posed to a room of people last week at the Lincolnshire Events Centre by Glenn Le Santo, journalist and social media guru.

The answer, quite simply, is no. Social Media is here to stay and people do need to learn how to use it and effectively to get messages across. It’s a great tool for networking and it’s knowing how to use the various social media platforms. There’s Facebook, Twitter – possibly the two common ones that many are familiar with. Then there are blogging sites – wordpress (as used here) and posterous. It’s how you use them and whether you use them effectively. And of course there’s the professional business tool, LinkedIn – where people in business connect with each other and use it to do business.

Social Media is a way of engaging with people and building up a network and sharing information. No matter what platform you use. They are all ways of posting and reaching a wider audience. This blog will ping to Twitter and Facebook and hopefully people will retweet and spread the message it conveys. Through them you also are able to share links to interesting articles or blogs.

Once you know how to use this type of communication are doing it to see returns, then you’re on a roll. The people in the room were a mixed bag. Some were using Twitter and had been for years, while others were new to it and some had not even touched it. Glenn knows what he is doing and at the end everyone came away having learnt something and were able to go forward and tweet!

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Bloggers of note

I am fortunate in that some of my students have been encouraged to blog. This is a great way for them to keep their writing skills up and to be able to share their own opinions and views. Lindsay has just graduated from East Coast Media and has gained a job as a features writer at Walton Publications in Grimsby. This is great for her and I wish her well in her new job. All the time Lindsay has been at East Coast Media she has produced a blog (see link above). Lindsay enjoys her fashion and blogs about latest trends and what she is finding interesting. She has also been doing PR for East Coast Pictures, an independent production company. Recently, she did some promotion for a local salon’s wedding breakfast – a package they do for brides on their wedding day.

Another graduate, who also loves writing is Katie-Nan. She too writes a blog about her life and feelings. Katie-Nan would love to be an author and has been writing a book – extracts of which are on her blog. She too writes about fashion and gives tips and hints on revamping clothing.

Their love of writing propels them on and I hope they keep up their blogging. It’s very easy (and I’m guilty of it too) of starting a blog, doing lots of posts and then not going back to them for ages. It’s a case of think of a topic and find five minutes to sit and bash it out!!

Other blogs I have come across have been through followers on Twitter. Rob Cameron writes a blog found at about personal development and career management amongst others. He knows what he’s talking about and has some words of wisdom to share. ¬†Another one worth sharing with you is Roberta Ward whose blogs are more words of wisdom and advice on properties, whether buying, advice on taking in lodgers, etc. One that caught my eye was a blog on university cities taking money from local economies. Universities providing cheaper accommodation, which forces many local landlords out of busy. It’s true what she says in that there is a danger of alienating students from the community. Something many academics I know have actually agreed on too, especially with international students. These internationals all live in halls together, not mixing with the English students nor the community. An interesting debate indeed.

There are many more writers out there, who I will come back to in a future posts. In particular, there are some great political bloggers. Who are your favourite bloggers? Let me know so we can share.