HUMEX 2011

Associated British Ports (ABP) at Immingham invited a group of multi-platform journalism students to participate in an emergency exercise.

The students jumped at the chance to be involved. On the morning of the incident one of them had to put a call into the Spurn station after “hearing” reports of a collision in the Humber via social media. The man on the other end really gave the student a hard time, deflecting him and not answering the question.

On the way to Immingham another call was put in and so the relentless questioning began. On arrival the students were held in a room and had the opportunity to look around, though nothing was really found. Their nosiness instinct seemed to kick in as they searched for anything, which would help them uncover the story.

Throughout the morning the students had the opportunity to interview the manager who was closely monitored by the press officer and on this occasion that was Blair Jacobs.

As it progressed they asked all the right questions and were slowly able to pull together the answers to establish what had happened.

They found it a steep learning curve but enjoyed it. They realised the importance of listening and asking the right questions or probing and exploring further. Importantly realised it was about never taking no for an answer.

Students interviewing outside ABP offices


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