Multi-Platform Journalism

Tomorrow is the big day. For tomorrow we begin teaching in the University Centre as it is finally finished.

It looks impressive – it is modern, light and smells new. It also features some great pieces of kit in the media department.

We have a Tricaster studio which can be used for recording the news and creating a virtual set, as well as using for motion capture. There is also a soft news studio and a radio studio.

In the multi-platform production newsroom the students have access to ENPS – essential news production system – used by journalists in most major newsrooms and the PA newswire (Press Association).

Students will be using Nagra, Tascam and ipod touches to create audio content and Sony Z1 and also the latest Sony solid state memory recording cameras – Sony EX3.

Practical application of skills will see journalism students working on a daily video news bulletin for Seven TV and a half hour weekly news roundup as well as producing content for radio programmes.

It’s exciting times for students on the BA Multi-Platform Journalism degree and seeing as it’s UCAS time anyone considering journalism should consider our course.

Call 01472 315550 for more information.

Radio studio

The radio studio

The soft TV news studio with the multi-platform production room behind

The Tricaster TV studio


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