Another academic year

Last week the first years on the Multi-Platform Journalism degree met each other for the first time.

There are 15 and a mix of ages, abilities, backgrounds and gender – though males tend to outnumber females (for the first time ever).

As part of their induction I set them some tasks. They were to split into two groups and go into Grimsby and do a number of things – find people to interview about their town; find people to interview about their job. They were to take photos of themselves at various locations and find and research other information too.

it was a test of their ability to work as a group, as well as their ability to find things out and go up to strangers and interview them.

The group was nervous but came back all smiles and even managed to get an extra story – a fire at the local Somerfield, which even though it turned out to be nothing, they got interviews and photos. This was fantastic.

So I’d thought I’d share these first writings from them and the photos they took. I’ve not edited a thing but pasted them here  for all to see. Remember these people have not yet had any training on how to be a journalist or how to write like one. I just wanted to get down what they’d done, and follow that progression over the year. In the next blog, you will see the re-written pieces as I get them to work on them and polish them.

1. Interview with Andrew Daniels, Co-ordinator for landscaping Gardening speaks about working and living in Grimsby. By Jake French

Jake French- First of all what is your name?

Andrew Daniels- My name is Andrew Daniels.

Jake French- and what is your job here at Floral Hall?

Andrew Daniels- Well we are actually just, helping out doing some temporary work for them. I am actually from Grimsby Institute like yourself, and I am the Co-ordinator for the department, Landscape gardening

Jake French-So what other places do you work in for your department?

Andrew Daniels- We also work at Nunsthorpe campus and Kenwick in Louth.

Jake French- And do you enjoy what you do?

Andrew Daniels- Yes, the job is always varied we get a lot of different places to work and I like working with the students.

Jake French- Thanks for your time.

2.  By Dan Kemp

Shoppers were evacuated from a store in Grimsby yesterday as local fire services rushed to the scene.

Emergency services were called out to the Somerfield store on Osborne Street in Grimsby town centre at around 12:45pm yesterday lunchtime. Following an evacuation from the store, all staff members as well as all customers were left waiting outside not knowing when they could return inside. One local shopper commented “I paid for parking and now I can’t even go shopping!”

Along with two fire engines, the local fire chief was also in attendance to oversee the operation however their response time was hampered by the one way system enforced within the town centre. This meant that the fire engines almost passed the store prior to turning around and heading back for the stores car park. The fire produced no casualties but we still await the cause.

3. By Andrew Parker

Ian, a local fish merchant who used his redundancy payment over twenty years ago to start his mobile business after being laid off unexpectedly, after a career building caravans, insists that the country is still in love with Grimsby fish.

“ It is still rated as the best fish there is, the southerners just can’t get enough of it!”, he said.

Ian, who only sells in the south of England and always has done, went on to say that his business has been the making of him and his family and after the shock of redundancy, was an absolute blessing in disguise. He still enjoys his job and, as he was finished for the week today after picking up his fish load early this week, said that the few days away were more than made up for by the extra quality-time his occupation allowed him to spend with his family.

4. By Andrew Parker

A faulty fluorescent light in a Grimsby store today tested the emergency evacuation procedures of Somerfield supermarket and it’s neighbouring businesses when a smoke detector activated the store’s fire warning alarms.  All staff followed their fire warden’s instructions to leave the premises according to company procedures and were assembled at the relevent rendevous points whilst the fire service attended the incident with two tenders and entered Somerfield with one precautionary firehose.

Later the emergency services advised store management that a qualified industrial electrician would be required to provide advice and possible repair.

Staff at the assembly points reported that there was no panic and the evacuations went according to plan.

Shoppers evacuated from Grimsby's Somerfield store

Humberside Fire Brigade attending the fire at Somerfield, Grimsby


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