Nina Stobart – Communications & Public Affairs Leader, ConocoPhillips

ConocoPhillips Humber Refinery is lucky to have someone such as Nina Stobart looking after their public affairs. She is very passionate about her job and anyone who has ever met Nina, will know she has such energy and passion. She’s the type of person you want at your party to get it started!

Nina joined the petro-chemical company after being headhunted. She had previously been doing marketing and public relations for St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby. As she says it’s not the traditional route into the industry as many people normally have a degree, though it’s not essential.

From  day to day her job varies from producing newsletters, to employee communications to looking after PR for Killingholme and Whitehaven. She also looks after marketing in the UK, which is the petrol sales under the Jet brand.

Another area of her job is CSR – Community Social Responsibility – something which the US owned company is good at. Nina can spend time from painting community centres to helping out at homeless shelters, planting trees or painting children’s faces! The job is varied and is not the normal run of the mill PR, which is why she loves her job as no two days are the same.

Her skill base is varied – being good at communicating is essential – talking and writing. Having a good grasp of the English language and grammar is a number one priority. Another is having good people skills, as the job involves talking to a range of people from different backgrounds from children to royalty and MPs.

As far as degrees go there are some good communication degrees at Leeds and Manchester and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) also offers some good courses and is especially good if your employers are willing to pay for you to do them.

Nina is actively involved in the community and whenever you mention her name, people always have a good thing to say about her, which is nice as PR people can sometimes be portrayed as the dark side!

You can listen to a podcast of this interview, though sadly Nina had so much to say and we ran out of time!! Don’t worry as I’m sure there’s a part two in there somewhere.

Nina Stobart with a group of students from Grimsby Institute


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