Lincolnshire Show 2011

HE delivery has finished; exam boards are over and we’re about to start planning for the next academic year. But there’s also time to fit in continuous professional development (CPD) and last week saw me spend two days at the Lincolnshire Show.

Day one I was presenting and reporting for Seven TV. All my interviews had been set up via Twitter. It was the first time I’d used it to such great effect to put the call out for the show. From the request I interviewed Jeremy Stock at Richard Austin Agricultural (@RAA_Labs) about their company and the role they play in farming. I also interviewed Andrew Shirley from CLA Midlands (@CLAMidlands) about the drought conditions and how it affects farming and the consumer. Their PR officer is a former broadcast journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay. He was very passionate about social media.

Day two saw me VJing and getting colour shots of the show – rain put a bit of a dampener on that. So in between dodging the showers I was tweeting from the @eastcoastmedia account about what was happening in the GIFHE tent and taking photos and posting them on there, as well as interviews. I did a podcast with Sean Wagstaff, SFX tutor about his course.

All in all it was an excellent two days and kept me busy and updated!

The I interviewed John Stobart (@UnrealGardens) about his unreal garden products – fake grass, plants – all ideal for the non gardener or those who are preparing for drought!

Social media guru Glenn LeSanto presenting the weather from the Lincolnshire Show

Interviewing John Stobart of Unreal Gardens at Lincolnshire Show 2011

Here's me interviewing John Stobart of Unreal Gardens


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