Preparation for the reality of the newsroom

Lucy Wood, news editor, at the Grimsby Telegraph has written this in support of the BA Multi-Platform Newsroom and it’s refreshing to hear that what we do here at East Coast Media is ground breaking and good for our students. Take a look –

“The Grimsby Telegraph entered into a ground-breaking partnership with the Grimsby Institute last year  – believed to be the first in the country to give media students long-term hands-on experiences of working in a busy newsroom.

Since then, the benefits have worked both ways.

We at the Telegraph have benefited from having a team of keen young people, eager to represent the company – effectively doubling our staff. It has meant we’ve been able to attend some events we would normally have to scrap.

It is also great to be in a position to offer such experience – I certainly could have done with it while I was still in education. It gives you an honest, no-holds-barred introduction to working in a newsroom – and prepares you for the reality of being a regional journalist.

We have seen the students develop – they are certainly braver and less shy than they were initially, and they have produced some interesting features for the Telegraph and our website which, I hope, they have enjoyed.

It’s all well and good learning in an academic environment, but students today need as much hands-on experience as they can get – not only for their course and portfolio, but to secure jobs following graduation.”

Lucy Wood, news editor, Grimsby Telegraph.


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