Industry Testimonials

Just thought I would share this with you – a testimonial just in from Michelle Hurst, Deputy Editor at the Grimsby Telegraph supporting the BA Multi-Platform Journalism degree here at East Coast Media.

“I would like to offer my support to the multi-platform journalism degree, students of which have been an integral part of the newsroom during the current educational year.

We have launched a new initiative with the media department this year, which has enabled students to get ongoing quality work experience on the job within our newsroom.

It has led to a number of features and videos being printed in our main publication and on our website, giving students invaluable training as part of their degree course.

It has, however, also been extremely worthwhile for us – with students taking the initiative on a number of leads and supporting our editorial team, particularly where breaking news has taken journalists away to cover other jobs.

The recent tip-off that the Top gear team was filming in Grimsby was one good example of how, trying to cover the entire towns of Grimsby and Immingham, the students were able to join in the search – and gaining invaluable experience of how such breaking news is covered.

We know, from the work they have submitted and what they have told us, that they find this on-the-job training invaluable.

However, from our point of view, it is the first time that we have properly and successfully developed an ongoing working relationship with degree students and I would hope that this is only the start of it.”

Michelle Hurst, Deputy Editor, Grimsby Telegraph


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