Live Assessment Day

Live Assessment Days are going well. The students are incredibly nervous at being observed, but agree it’s the best way to do it. They are being assessed on not only their professionalism in doing the job, but also how they work as a team and the content they produce.

On arriving in the newsroom, Lucy Wood, news editor, gives them their jobs or in some cases, students have generated their own ideas. I watch and make notes on every aspect. For those who have done NVQ, whereby the assessor observes and questions you, it’s the same process. And it works really well, even on a degree.

It’s the only way to really say the students can do the job, by first hand observation and questioning. To back it up they also produce a portfolio of their work from the year and write an evaluation to critically assess themselves and their colleagues. I know they are capable and this proves it to me and once it’s done, that’s it.


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