Interview gone wrong

I have just heard the most horrific University interview story. I interview everyone that applies for my course so I can meet them, they can view the facilities, occasionally meet the current students and sit an assessment test. It helps put them at ease and if they’re not suitable I’ll give them some advice as how to proceed should they wish to reapply at a later date.

Today my applicant was telling me about an experience they had at a university  (I won’t reveal names), which left them in a state of distress, crying and dreading the one with me today (she left here smiling and laughing).

It was their first experience of an interview and when they arrived quickly found it was a group interview, where they had to display their portfolios in front of everyone. The applicant found this very humiliating, especially when the tutor said they didn’t think their work was up to much. To top it off they were further humiliated when their coursework documentary was played in front of everyone too.

Then the person was interviewed by a final year student who sat and talked about himself. When finally they met a tutor, they were told they didn’t have the points to get on the course so needn’t have bothered turning up. At the end of this two and a half hour humiliation, the applicant said everyone else was being told they’d got a place and when  they got to them, they simply said they couldn’t a decision and would send an e-mail.

The person found the whole process soul destroying. There seemed to be no sense of how the applicant feels. It is a daunting experience to be interviewed by academics, but there are ways of letting someone down.

I’m happy to say that person left my interview feeling very positive and upbeat. “Grimsby is the place they want to be”, which is nice to hear!

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