CPD – what is it?

As part of my job as a media lecturer I have to ensure I keep up to date with industry professionalism. CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development and I undertake various things to ensure I stay current. It’s something all lecturers need to do in order to keep fresh and in line with what happens in their field of expertise.

Time spent at the Grimsby Telegraph working in the newsroom ensures I keep in touch with what happens within newspapers and the newsroom. I work as a video journalist producing video content for the website and writing the occasional article to accompany it. Last week, as part of reading week, I spent the week there. Check out my YouTube channel to see examples of the videos I have produced. Also for one of my videos I also wrote the article – Mayflower Wood

I have also continued to present programmes for Seven on VirginMedia 879. Check out their website for programmes I have been involved in, namely presenting Lincolnshire Living, but also I recently presented The People’s Jury.

Been involved with Social Media, such as writing this blog and using Twitter (@RoseReiki) also ensures my writing skills and knowledge of what is current and how journalists use SM is kept up to date. I am always looking to undertake various jobs to keep my skills current, including recently beginning a project to record the memories of those who worked at or can remember Waltham Windmill when it was operational.

All of this means I’m in touch with my area of expertise and ensuring I keep abreast of latest changes and movements within journalism.


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