Personal Values

Year 3 Journalism students today looked at values, in the sense of what matters to them as a person. The focus was on their personal mission in life. They are about to leave university and enter (hopefully) a career in the media. I wanted them to understand who they are and what their focus is, as a way of identifying themselves.
Life can be overwhelming and many people say they don’t know who they are anymore with so many demands placed on them.
The group had to make a list of their personal values, ranking them 1 to 10, in order of priority. Their list was exhaustive, but were things that would motivate them, inspire them or give them satisfaction.
Happiness was a top one and also included in there was family, travel and independence. What was interesting was that financial security or stability did not feature.

They then undertook the Holland RIASEC inventory where they assessed their personal work and came up with their three letter code, which gave them an overview of their skills and possible careers. Luckily, journalism was selected! And finally they analysed their transferable skills and looked at how effective they are.

This is all leading to a presentation they will perform about themselves as part of their Professional Practice module. The presentation will be in front of an industry panel and they have to present their work and sell their skills to “future employers”.


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