Reasons why you should come to Grimsby!!

Grimsby seems to be the butt of many a comedian’s joke and personally I find not many people from outside Lincolnshire come here for higher education. So, I interviewed my group of second year Multi-Platform Journalism students to ask them why they chose to come to the Grimsby Institute.

Second year student Kirsty Carter, 19,  said she came back to Grimsby as students actually get to use the equipment and that’s because  groups are small. At her previous university, because many students hadn’t had the chance to use equipment at their previous schools or colleges, they were amazed at the equipment available. Though Kirsty said what kit they had was nothing in comparison to East Coast Media and this is what tempted her back. Kirsty had previously studied media here for three years.

Another student, Becky Fletcher, 20, chose East Coast Media as she liked the course and nothing else took her fancy. She’s enjoyed the practical side of the course, going out and using the equipment. She also likes the fact she sees her tutors and knows she can come and find them, whereas her friends at big institutions say they never see their tutors.

19-year-old Sam Dent said he was not sure about moving away and so chose to stay in the area as it was familiar. He likes the personal attention you get and feels valued, rather than being a face in a crowd. A sentiment which is echoed by all of them. They like to know that tutors knows their names and know their work and they feel able to talk to staff about issues or problems they have.

Niall McGlone, who was at Wyke College in Hull, chose the course at Grimsby as it was local and meant he did not have to move away. He commutes every day, which can be problematic at times, but it means he’s saving money by living at home. He likes the hands-on experience and is especially enjoying the day at the local newspaper, the Grimsby Telegraph.

Cheap living saw 19-year-old Richard York stay local. Being able to live at home makes it easier for him, as it does all of them. Compared to most areas in the country, Grimsby is cheap for living and you don’t need a car as everywhere is close by so you can walk. The group said people should move here as rent is low – £20 to £30 p/w and that’s affordable.

They also said nights out in Grimsby and Cleethorpes were great and Lincoln was not far to go to either. Drinks are cheap and they all enjoy going out.

All of them believe the new University Centre will make a difference. Not only to their experience, but to anyone coming from outside. Many will feel that they are at a university when this building opens in the summer.

Call 01472 315550 for more information about the BA (Hons) Multi-Platform Journalism.


4 thoughts on “Reasons why you should come to Grimsby!!

  1. Good advertising Emma, praise is the best recommendation in my opinion! I have a friend teaching cookery at Grimsby college, and he too has nothing but praise for it! Keep it up!!

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