Making those connections- Lee Smallwood

I have to share this link with you – – read this post by Digital Consultant Lee Smallwood. I met Lee through my sister on Twitter and after numerous tweets and conversations about social media, Radian6 and other things, we managed to get him to come to East Coast Media to do, not one but two presentations!

Lee knows all things “geeky” – how the web works, how to market your brand and how to use social media effectively. He wowed the students in the afternoon. I have never seen 80 students hooked on to every word. They were shocked to learn how businesses keep their eye on you and know how to tap into your likes.

In the evening he still managed to wow the media and arts creatives of northern Lincolnshire. He demonstrated radion6 to them, and on a cheaper, smaller scale net vibes and klout. We not only had him live in the building, but also did a live stream across the web and were tweeting as we went along and answering questions from around the UK. It was a successful day and everyone’s head buzzed and they’re still chattering about it today. It’s that ripple effect, that is turning into a wave!

From a journalism viewpoint, it has opened the doors to how students, will hopefully, use the web differently. They’ll use monitoring tools to track stories and trends; find people, network and sell themselves as a brand. Those who do that, will see themselves being snapped up by employers. These future journos will become we-influencers (to borrow a phrase from Lee). My journalism students from 17/18 year-olds upwards have caught the Twitter bug and long may they tweet!!

Here’s a podcast of an interview with Lee Smallwood

For more information about BA Multi-Platform Journalism please contact 01472 315550. We are now recruiting for Sept 2011


7 thoughts on “Making those connections- Lee Smallwood

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  2. Thanks for mentioning Radian6, seems like it was a great day and I did manage to catch a couple of those tweets 🙂


    Olivia Landolt | Marketing and Community Manager | @Olivia6C

    6Consulting | UK authorised Radian6 partner

  3. What can I say but a huge thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome. And believe me you guys had just as much of an impact on me 🙂

    Your students are so open to new ideas and absorb info and implement it faster than many I’ve seen before! #fact

    I’m really looking forward to coming up again and disussing with everyone why they’ve experienced and discovered on their ‘net-walks’

    Cheers and keep in touch as often as possible 🙂

    • A HUGE thank you to yourself! You are very passionate about what you do and that makes all the difference when giving a talk. I’m just so pleased we could tempt you up here and will definitely have you return to talk to the students and local industry again!


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