Industry Partnership – Grimsby Telegraph

As some of you may know Year 2 students on the BA Multi-Platform Journalism degree at East Coast Media have been spending a day and a half a week in the newsroom at the Grimsby Telegraph producing content for the web.

It’s been a steep learning curve, going from sitting in class practicing and learning theory to being thrown into a REAL newsroom and expecting to go out in the area and find stories. Some have achieved a lot, while others are taking their time. I’m meeting News Editor, Lucy Wood, next week to discuss what’s worked and what will be done differently this semester. I will post you the verdict!

I think one of the big things for many is confidence. There seems to be a lack of it, in their ability to be able to do things, such as pick up the phone and talk to people or go into a shop and start chatting to strangers about what’s happening. They need encouragement and praise. It’s about nurturing them and making them believe in themselves and their ability to do the work. I have every faith in them and know they are capable, they need to believe it and trust in me! I wouldn’t ask them to do it, if I didn’t think they were capable.

Look out next week for an interview with Lucy Wood and I’ll post an interview with my students too about their experience.


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