Writing – why it’s important to spell

if i produced some writing that was poorly composed and had lots of spelling mistakes and errors in it then i am shure many people would think  i cud not do my job properly and it wud b a reflection on me as a person. Do you agree?

So, tell me this. Why do a majority of youngsters think it is acceptable to write e-mails, blogs and occasionally academic work, doing all the things I did wrong in the opening paragraph? It is a real bug bear of mine to read work with lower case i. Are they so lazy that they cannot capitalise that one word? Also why do they not read through their work – not once, but maybe two or three times to ensure it is free from errors? Again it is laziness. Some have a real phobia of doing anything which resembles work.

As I rant and rave over this, my students tend to be good, but there are one or two whose work I have read that resembles laziness. In particular their e-mails and personal blogs. Listen to one who has been there and done it and received the t-shirt: writing correctly and following the rules for grammar and punctuation is a huge reflection on you as a person. If done correctly, it shows you are educated, which tells people you are intelligent and can communicate. Reading through and checking for errors shows you are a stickler and are thorough. If you are unsure then read a dictionary – do not rely on spell check. Sign up for extra classes, anything which helps you improve.

And this is extremely important for anyone intending to go into journalism as a career. If you can not articulate and communicate your thoughts and write coherently, then think about what you need to do to help yourself progress.

Being able to write and speak correctly, is the same as the perceptions people have about us when they first meet us. That first few seconds taking in what you’re wearing and how you shake hands, that is important. I recently read a blog http://bit.ly/crSP7u by the Stylish Group about image and profile photographs on people’s social media pages. It’s an interesting read and gives some food for thought if your social media page is also promoting your business.

So image and is important and is key to getting on. It reflects on you as a person: what you say, what you wear, how you behave. Think about it as first impressions count.


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