Video Journalism: are two heads better than one? (via Adam Westbrook)

Came across this post during my research into social media and blogging. For all (aspiring) journalists, you should read Adam’s posts. This one I found especially interesting, seeing it is an area I am involved in myself. I have worked as a VJ, as well as with crews as a journalist and producer/director. There’s a time and a place for everything, all depends on the situation.
Well worth a read!

Video Journalism has become intrinsically connected with terms like Solo VJ, One Man Band and Backpack Journalist. A video journalist, as we understand, works alone, exploiting the benefits of being light on the feet: a small, nimble unit. With more photojournalists experimenting with video, this idea of the VJ as a solo-worker is being accentuated. But what if this isn’t the best way? A cinematographer friend of mine got me thinking about this l … Read More

via Adam Westbrook


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